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Friday, October 19, 2018

Radiotracer Techniques: A Unique Tool in Marine Ecotoxicological Studies


International Atomic Energy Agency – Marine Environment Laboratories, Principality of Monaco
CRELA UMR 6217, University of La Rochelle – La Rochelle, France

This special issue of Environmental Bioindicators contains a selection of papers presented during a session co-chaired by the authors at the Fifteenth ISEBI International Conference on Environmental Bioindicators, which took place in the City University of Hong-Kong (Kowloon, Hong-Kong) on 7–9 June 2007. The theme of this special issue focuses on the use of radiotracer techniques to investigate the behavior and fate of contaminants, including radionuclides, metals, organic pollutants and biotoxins in marine coastal environments, and the link between their environmental chemistry and organism physiology in both laboratory and field studies..

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