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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

The Cover Story

The cover design for the new international journal,     Environmental Bioindicators (EBI),   has been a joint effort of the staff of our publisher, Taylor and Francis, and the EBI editors, as well as several others we have gone to for their suggestions and criticisms on layout, color, and illustrations. We particularly would like to thank Mary Drabot, Andrew Moyer, and Kimberly Shigo of Taylor & Francis, Ivy Zillioux and Denis Newman for their artistic critiques, and the authors of the short species accounts that follow. The background photograph was selected to depict a landscape with a variety of aquatic and terrestrial habitats where bioindicators might be applied to assess environmental health. Along the left border of the background photograph are a series of illustrations representing examples of a hierarchy of animal and plant bioindicators/biomarkers ranging from genetic/molecular to ecosystem/landscape that will be the subjects of research to be published in the EBI issues to come. Superimposed over the background and example indicators is a schematic globe that is meant to represent the worldwide importance of the use of bioindicators in environmental and contamination assessments of natural and human environments. Although many other examples could have been chosen, we believe that the specific illustrations selected are exceptionally good examples of indicators that have been applied successfully in many cases where an assessment of environmental health, integrating biological exposure and response with physical and chemical stessors, has been needed. We have invited experts who have been active in bioindication research with these selected bioindicators to contribute brief accounts of their use and value in this context. The following seven accounts are the result. We would like to acknowledge and thank Daniel Poleschook, Jr. and Ginger Gumm for the photo of the Common Loon; Duane Raver, Jr. for the drawing of the largemouth bass; Tanja Mrak for the lichen photo; Jaroslav Bohá     c for the beetle drawing; the coral   reef photo can be found at  

Edward Zillioux and James Newman, EBI Foundation, Inc., Ft. Pierce, Florida, USA

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